Undo merges and changes for Salesforce

Audit and restore overwriten / changed data and unmerge related records you didn’t mean to merge so you can avoid costly mistakes.

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Insure your most valuable asset - your data

Many people feel overwhelmed, scared, and even paralyzed when they think about data cleansing. And rightfully so. No matter how meticulous and careful you are, mistakes do happen. Merging duplicate records is permanent.

There's been no mass undo changes. Until now!

  • Unmerge Salesforce records that were previously merged in ZaapIT and return them to their original state
  • Un merge related lists, undo field changes, un delete, those can be done selectively and en masse
  • Have clean, trustworthy Salesforce data and peace of mind in the proces
Solution Architect @Salesforce.org

ZaapIT is absolute must have app to be productive in any environment. Great app with great support.


UnMerge / Undo and Restore: How it Works



After ZaapIT is installed and set up, simply choose to enable the Undo and Restore functionality.


Once enabled, ZaapIT automatically and securely copies data to to your Salesforce's data-center (inside your Salesforce). Where data be retained for as long as you’d like and deleted whenever you are ready.


If a merge needs to be reversed, simply select the record and within seconds it’s restored as if nothing ever happened. All relationships, IDs, and lookups are restored to their original state.

The only data cleansing app that comes with peace of mind

  Restore in just a click

Records are unmerged and recovered with the click of a button, saving you time and giving you a greater sense of security.

  Maintain relationships

Have confidence knowing that when records are restored, so too are their relationships, lookups, and related lists.

  Backup and archive

Get backup storage and retention archiving inside your Salesforce, so you can protect yourself against accidental merges and changes or those done in error.

  Security at the forefront

Data is backed up and saved insude your Salesforce, so it never exists your Salesforce and can not be intercepted by hackers / adversaries.

“It’s like insurance. You question whether you need it until you actually do. And then when you do, it’s a lifesaver. “

While it’s more important than ever to have clean high-quality Salesforce data, data cleansing is still put off by some people.

They get caught up on two things:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed with the complexity and size of their data problem
  2. Being afraid to touch anything because it’s permanent – records are deleted when merged, so they avoid it and don’t do anything about it at all
That’s why we built Undo and Restore, to give Salesforce users like you peace of mind knowing that if mistakes are made, you can undo them. Undo and Restore is a unique feature and another thing that sets ZaapIT apart.

It’s like insurance. Sometimes you question whether you need it until you actually do. And when you do, it’s a lifesaver.

This is the most excited I’ve ever been about new functionality. It’s been our most requested feature and gives people more confidence, especially when automating data quality tasks. It’s a game-changer for ZaapIT's users.

So, whether you’re already putting in time and effort to optimize your Salesforce data or just getting started, make sure you’re protected against mistakes (like automating the wrong filter or clicking too fast, which I’ve done too often).

Dirty, duplicated Salesforce data doesn’t have to be the norm. Give ZaapIT a try (for free!) and see the difference high quality data can make for your entire team.

Amir Sadeh ceo @ Zaapit

M.Sc Amir Sadeh
CEO and Founder of

Amir Sadeh

Undo and Restore FAQs

What license do I need?
The Undo and Restore feature is available with every license.

What objects does it work with?
Currently the feature works with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, and Tasks and custom objects.

When can I restore records?
Currently records can be restored after a merge takes place.

Where is data backed up?
The data is backed up inside your Salesforce, only the affected rows are backed up

How long is the backup retained?
Data can be retained for as long as you'd like.

Does the process affect anything?
There is a slight slowdown in merge processing time as backups are created first before the merge is submitted.

Can I try it out first?
Yes, Undo and Restore options are available with our 15 day free trial through the dedup-manager>jobs tab and under smart-mass-update > files tab.


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restore - undo merge for Salesforce



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