Security & Compliance

For: Smart-Tables / Smart-Mass-Update / Smart-Activity-Manager / DEDUP Manager


Compliance, Security, and Confidence:

  • Our apps are hosted applications i.e. run on Salesforce's servers inside the same datacenter (fully managed by Salesforce - this includes the following: network secuirty, restricted persoanl access to the facilities, disaster recovery).
  • Our code is compiled, stored & runs on Salesforce's Servers & on the customer's local machine i.e. on the client side (javascript / css / html).
  • Our apps respect Salesforce's native permissions (object / field data access policies - view/create/update/delete/sharing permissions) & Salesforce's sharing mechanism.
  • We do the Salesforce Security Review  at least once a year & we fix any known / reported security issue in a timely manner.
  • We manage our apps & licenses by using the tools provided to us by Salesforce (aka LMA)
  • Access policy: ZaapIT doesn't have any access to your Salesforce and / or  your data - you can grant access to ZaapIT's support by going to Salesforce's setup>grant access>ZaapIT's Support or by going to My-settings>grant access > ZaapIT's support.
  • Standards & compliance: ZaapIT apps are 100% native apps. Salesforce's platform certifications (ISO 27001/Soc2/etc) which applies to any 100% app are attached. The certifications, a Screenshot of the certifications.

Data Privacy:

  • Our apps / services / website collect and store app usage statistics inside Salesforce's servers and inside google cloud (Google Analytics).
  • By Default our apps allow the end user to export his data to a differant apps or to send his data to a differant app (e.g. excel / outlook) - it is up to the end-user / admin to remove unwanted buttons and/or to set the relevant permissions to restrict those options.
  • Our Sales team may collect and store publicly available data and / or data provided to us during email communication with a prospect/customer. This data is stored inside our dedicated Salesforce orgs/servers and used during sales/renewal processes.
  • Visit our Terms & conditions page for more information