Merging opportunities in Salesforce

How to merge opportunities in salesforce with ease?

Last modified by Ben Ford, on 27/Feb/2023

Duplicate opportunities in Salesforce (or salesforce-dot-com – SFDC) hurt your organization’s overall performance and waste your Sales-reps time. Duplicate data may also lead to poor customer experiences, such as repetitive emails / spamming, multiple reps contacting the same prospect again and again, etc.

The process of merging opportunities in Salesforce is currently not available out of the box by a native/vanilla tool, to merge duplicate opportunities in Salesforce you will need to install an the dedup-manager app by ZaapIT.

Merging opportunities in Salesforce - step by step

  1. The process of merging opportunities in Salesforce is not available out of the box, for that you will need to install the dedup-manager app in your CRM.
  2. Use the following link to install the app:
  3. Once the setup is done go to the dedup-manager app in your CRM via the app-selector drop-down.
  4. Go to the jobs tab
  5. Click the new merge job
  6. Select the opportunity object.
  7. select the duplicate criteria or choose the account field
  8. click the preview button.
  9. Now search for the right records/account and use the merge button

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