Mass Convert Leads in Salesforce

Convert your leads into contacts and accounts in bulk without duplicates. Run it on unlimited number of leads with ease!

Unleash the power of ZaapIT's dedup-manager app for Salesforce! Dive into the heart-pounding world of mass conversion, where leads transform into gold at the click of a button. But wait, there's more! You're not just getting a conversion tool; you're getting a whole arsenal. Blend and merge with ease - think Lead to Contact and Lead to Account processes - all within the same, thrilling platform. ZaapIT: Where your Salesforce dreams take flight!
Get ready for a game-changing experience with ZaapIT for Salesforce CRM! Converting leads into contacts has never been this thrilling. Here's your exciting roadmap:
  1. Identify Your Leads: Use ZaapIT lead's tab or the dedup-manager tabs named "leads with contacts" or accounts tabs, the choice is yours! Select the leads you want to convert and get set for the magic.
  2. Apply Filters and Segmentation: Want to fine-tune your selection? Apply filters and segmentation based on your criteria. Or, take the fast lane with built-in tabs that fetch leads with matching contacts or accounts. Your choice, your power!
  3. Select and Convert: It's time to make your move! Select all the rows of your chosen leads and hit the mass merge button. Feel the rush as you initiate the mass merge and convert process. The power is in your hands!
Revolutionize your Salesforce experience today with ZaapIT. Get ready to convert leads into contacts like never before!


Gear up for a Salesforce revolution with ZaapIT's mass convert superpowers! Brace yourself for the exhilarating possibilities:

  1. Multi-Lead Marvel: Transform numerous leads into distinct, unified contacts with just one click!
  2. Account Alchemy: Watch as leads evolve into bespoke accounts! Our tool compares fields, ensuring perfect matches for each record.
  3. Ownership Odyssey: Take control by assigning new owners effortlessly, and keep the communication flowing with automatic emails.
  4. Opportunity Unleashed: Unlock the potential! Choose to create opportunities, amplifying your business growth in just moments.
  5. Lead Source Mastery: Rewrite the narrative by overwriting lead sources, ensuring your data stays fresh and impactful.
  6. Smart Search: Don't just create, discover! Locate existing contacts and accounts before crafting new ones, saving you valuable time and resources.
  7. Duplicate Dynamo: Let our advanced duplicate detection system merge leads seamlessly into existing records, ensuring your database remains sleek, efficient, and ready for action.
With ZaapIT, you're not just converting leads; you're sculpting a Salesforce masterpiece! Get ready to turbocharge your CRM journey. The future of Salesforce is here – seize it now!"

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Get ready to experience the magic of the mass conversion process: 

Ready to turbocharge your efficiency? Here's the thrilling secret: Click that top checkbox to select ALL your meticulously filtered records. Now, brace yourself and hit the 'Mass Convert Leads' button hiding under the actions menu. Watch the magic unfold as the process ignites across all your relevant records. Get ready to conquer your leads like never before! ??

    Mass Convert Leads in Salesforce

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    Explore these exhilarating additional data maintenance features waiting just for you: 

    Unlock the Full Power: Auto Convert + Merge, Auto Merge, Merge Jobs, and Mass Merge Duplicates – All in One App!
    Say goodbye to duplicates and hello to clean data! Our app doesn't just clean duplicates; it preserves the essence of your records. Want to dive deeper into these transformative features?

    Delve into our feature-rich universe through ZaapIT's video guides page! For a real-time, immersive experience, join us for a live demo. Your journey to mastering your Salesforce data begins here! 

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