Mass Convert Leads in Salesforce

Convert your leads into contacts and accounts in bulk without duplicates. Run it on unlimited number of leads with ease!


The mass convert process is a part of ZaapIT's dedup-manager app for Salesforce, you can combine it with other data maintenance /convert processes such as Lead to Contact and Lead to Account processes. 

To mass convert leads into contacts with ZaapIT for Salesforce CRM, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the leads you want to convert: This can be done using zaapit lead’s tab or through the dedup-manager app > leads with contacts/accounts tabs.
  2. Apply Filters or segmentation based on certain criteria. Or use the built-in tabs that fetches only leads with a matching contact or account.
  3. Select all the rows and use the mass merge button.
  4. Under the mass merge button you can control the merge and convert process.


The options that you can control during the mass merge process

  1. Convert multiple leads into multiple unique contacts. 
  2. Convert multiple leads into multiple unique Accounts, compare account's and lead's fields in order to find the right matching records.
  3. Mass Assign / set a new owner + send email to the owner.
  4. Create opportunities - optional.
  5. Overwrite lead source.
  6. Find existing contacts and accounts, prior to creating new ones.
  7. Duplicate detection - merge leads into existing records.
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The actual mass convert process:

To run a mass conversion on all records found by your search/filters, click the box at the top of the check box column to select All records. Then, click the Mass Convert Leads button  under the actions button to run the process on all of the reelvant records

    Mass Convert Leads in Salesforce

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    Additional Data maintenance features that you may want to use

    Auto Convert + merge, auto merge, merge jobs and mass merge duplicates are also available with the app.
    This can enable you to clean any set of duplicates and preserve the right data for the right surviving record.
    You can find more information regarding those features on ZaapIT's 
    video guides page and during a live demo with us.

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