How to run global data changes with ease In Salesforce

Running limitless updates / actions through ZaapIT's native DMS

Last modified by Ben Ford, on 27/Feb/2023

How to run limitless updates in Salesforce - step by step:

In this video, Jeff explains how users can use ZaapIT's DMS to Mass Update and normalize your data. This simplified process can save you a lot of time and effort, ZaapIT's mass actions can run any number of records at once with a one click of a button. ZaapIT's bulk actions allows users to quickly find and update/ create /convert / merge custom objects, regardless of whether they’re related to a standard objects or other custom objects.

To run an umlimited update or action, start by searching for the records or by adding a filter. Afterward, mark all the relevant rows, use the all-checkbox (at the top) to select all the rows across all the pages. Then click the actions button on the top and select the mass update or any other action and use the apply to all rows button.


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Other popular mass actions use cases:

With ZaapIT's Mass Actions capability, users can:
  1. Find all accounts owned by inactive Salesforce users and change the owner on all accounts
  2. Find all leads with no phone number in the phone field and copy the phone number from the mobile phone field
  3. Find all opportunities that are past the close date and change the opportunity probability to 1% and update the close date in mass
  4. Mass delete old files and lower your storage cost
  5. Merge duplicates automatically and in mass
Mass Actions are critical for any Salesforce Admin, because unlike Salesforces 200 / 250 record limit that you have to go through one by one, you can easily update hundreds of records with the click of a button using ZaapIT's Mass Actions.

ZaapIT's DMS is one of our 4 products in ZaapIT’s Data Management Solution lineup. ZaapIT DMS is the only native Salesforce platform that can capture, clean, protect, enrich and normalize all of data in a in real time. ZaapIT's DMS will change the way you manage your data and empower you to take control of your data quality once again.

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