Licensing and ZaapIT


Users that only need to use ZaapIT + a part of Salesforce can get a ZaapIT + license at a reduced price. Light Light, the first new choice, costs $101 /per app/per user. In addition to the custom app(s) the user can access, Light includes:

  • Read-only access to Accounts and Contacts
  • Full read/write access to Activities, Tasks, Calendar, Events, Content, Documents, Ideas, Q&A
  • Enterprise Analytics including Data Bucketing, Joined Reports and Cross Filters
  • Profiles
  • Permission Sets
  • Canvas
  • SOAP and REST API’s Enterprise Enterprise, the second choice, costs a little more at $251 /per app/per user, and gives the user access to quite a bit more functionality in addition to what we list above for Light:

  • Full read/write access to Account and Contacts
  • Bulk API
  • Streaming API
  • Sharing Model

Common Capacities

Both license types come with the same capacity:

  • Custom Objects – Max of  10 per app
  • Custom Tabs – Max of 10 per app
  • Data Storage – 20MB per subscription
  • File Storage – 612MB per subscription
  • API Calls per Day – 200 per subscription

Since you can combine license types, you might find that you have groups of users that could easily be moved to a license. You can then maintain full-blown CRM licensing for only those who need it. Do a bit of research and planning on the level of functionality required by each user to maximize Salesforce use and minimize costs.

1) The prices presented in this document are only for reference, ask your Salesforce's account manager about Light and Enterprise license prices.

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