How to mass merge and auto merge duplicates in Salesforce?

Clean and Merge duplicate leads, contacts and any object with ease with ZaapIT for Salesforce!

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ZaapIT allows you to create a set of merge rules/jobs and to execute those merge rules whenever you like. This technique will allow you to auto-clean your database with ease and will improve your company’s productivity (sales reps doesn't need to work on wrong/duplicate records). ZaapiT can also run mass merge jobs for a set of selected duplicate records or run a bulk merge for a set of filtered records based on a filter/search specified by your org's admin. In order to run a merge job, create a new preview/merge job from under the jobs tab, select the main object, master selection logic and field-merge-strategy and hit the preview or create merge job buttons.


    Mass / Bulk Merge Contacts in SalesforceMass Merge Contacts in Salesforce - detection and auto merge

    Popular reports / use cases:

    1. Mass / Bulk Merge leads by name, email or custom formula.  
    2. Mass / Bulk  Merge contacts by name, email or custom formula.  
    3. Mass Merge accounts by name or custom formula.  
    4. Mass Merge cases name, contact or custom formula.  
    5. Mass Merge opportunities by name, contact or custom formula.  
    6. Auto Merge any object by field/custom formula + related lists selection and surviving field selection
    7. Find matching records aka find record IDs
    8. Multi-group-merge with master selection and fields selection
    9. Global duplicates detection 

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