Mass Convert and Merge Leads into Contacts in Salesforce - The easy way

Convert and merge your leads in bulk without duplicates

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Most of the people that want to mass convert leads are switching to account-based-selling or they have created duplicate leads & contacts due to numerous reasons. These duplicates can be easily cleaned with ZaapIT's dedup-manager app. The app got a mass convert, mass merge and it also got an auto-merge and auto-convert. The auto features will allow you to automate the cleanup and will save you and your team a lot time and money.

Common reasons for creating duplicate leads or contacts:
  • Leads are being pushed into your Salesforce through standard web-to-lead methods or a website form.
  • Using standard import tools that doesn't know how to handle duplicates.
  • Using 3rd party integration tools / APIs.
  • Your sales team are creating leads or contacts manually without a duplicate prevention alert-tool.
  • Switching to account-based marketing/ selling / ABM

Mass-Convert main features:

  1. Convert multiple leads into multiple unique contacts. 
  2. Convert multiple leads into multiple unique Accounts, compare account's and lead's fields in order to find the right matching records.
  3. Mass Assign / set a new owner + send email to the owner.
  4. Create opportunities - optional.
  5. Overwrite lead source.
  6. Find existing contacts and accounts, prior to creating new ones.
  7. Duplicate detection - merge leads into existing records.
Auto Convert + merge, auto merge, merge jobs and mass merge duplicates are also available with the app. This can enable you to clean any set of duplicates and preserve the right data for the right surviving record. You can find more information regarding those features on ZaapIT's video guides page and during a live demo with us.


    Mass Convert Leads in Salesforce

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