Smart Reports

Mass Inline Edit, Update, Clone, Delete & Merge in Salesforce

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Main Features:

Smart Tables + Joined Lookups Support
Mass Inline Edit
Mass Update
Mass Clone
Mass Delete
Mass Merge Leads
Easy Detection +
Easy Merging
Attachments Manager Tab
+Fast Preview
Multi Views
Hierarchy Support
Account Hierarchy
/ Customer View
Column Filters
Advanced Filters
Grid Search
Export to File:
Xls, Doc, Pdf, CSV, XML
Multi-Column Sorting
Summary Line
Localization via Translation Workbench
Record Type, Multi-Picklists, Dependent Picklists Support
Embed with custom Development
Custom CSS
Custom JavaScript Support

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ZaapIT's Smart Reports - In Action:

Smart Mass Update - Search ViewSmart Mass Update - Edit ViewSmart Mass Update - Mass CloneSmart Mass Update Image #6Smart Mass Update - Mass Merge LeadsSmart Mass Update - Pin a ChartSmart Mass Update - Pin a ChartSmart Mass Update - Attachment ManagerSmart Mass Update - More Actions Smart Mass Update - Chatter FeedSmart Mass Update - Fast Preview + CTI SupportSmart Mass Update Image #5