Merging Accounts and contacts in Salesforce

Bulk merge your duplicate accounts and contacts with related records + account-contact-relation

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Most of the people that want to merge duplicate accounts and contacts in Salesforce wants to preserve/combine the right data, all the related records from the master/surviving-record and the non-surviving records. With ZaapIT you can clean your data in bulk with ease and keep/combine the relevant data and related records, the app will also allow you to create the right account-contact-relation automatically to reference indirect and direct contacts on the surviving account. When mering 2+ contacts from 2 different accounts the app will also create the right account-contact-relation for those related account. This option is automatically enabled when you enable Salesforce the following option under setup> account settings> “Contacts to Multiple Accounts Settings> Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts”. The app will also allow you to combine the record’s field values, for example it will allow you to: concatenate the values, keep the highest/lowest value, keep the newest/oldest value, combine with a destination field and etc…

Main relevant use cases:

  1. Auto and Bulk merging accounts with direct and indirect contacts (related contacts and contacts related lists)
  2. Auto and Bulk merging contacts from 2+ differance account
  3. Auto and Bulk merging contacts from the same account.


    Auto Merge Contacts in Salesforce
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